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Leather Clutch

$60.00 $90.00


Sleek and versatile, Kafoury's Leather Clutch features a minimal design, credit card slots, and genuine leather and is perfect to carry by itself or in your tote bag to stay organized. 

Measurements: 6.5" Tall and 10" Wide 

Materials: Genuine Leather 

About Kafoury: "It all started years ago in my aunt's sewing room where she taught me the fundamentals of sewing. From that day sparks flew and I began creating things I needed in my everyday life.

Years later I started making pieces for family and friends and was inspired to create my own line. Fueled by what I needed in life, to what I saw missing in retail products; I created my first line in Spring '14.

The Kafoury name comes from my family line, which has a rich history in artisans. In the 1950's my great grandfather, Stephen Kafoury, manufactured and created sportswear apparel in Portland. Kafoury Sportswear was the name of his line. 

Today my wife and I are humbled to carry on the family name in the same realm of creativity. All Kafoury products are made here in Portland from materials sourced in America and high quality products from additional countries. 

Enjoy the lifestyle brand Kafoury and the heritage it represents." 


Ian Kafoury

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